My name is Rie Kobayashi and I’m from the small city in Gifu known as Hida-Takayama.

 I’m the president of Shokuiku (Food Education) Farmer’s Inc.  We co-ordinate and supply vegetables directly from farmers to restaurants, cafes, groceries and food processing companies.

I was a child who liked to eat lots of vegetables. It was not long before I realized that many young girls are careless about their diet and nutrition. Some are even ruining their health through poor diet choices. What you eat is really important for your health and general wellbeing. I was convinced of this and following much thought about what good food is; I started my company in 2013 to supply fresh organic vegetables to as many people as possible. I’ve also deliver some lunch boxes using those vegetables to the girls too busy with work to care about their diet.

 What do you think good vegetables are? Safe: of course; nutritious and as delicious as possible?

 When I had been studying abroad in my high school days, I spent one year in Seattle and another in Christchurch in New Zealand. I was impressed that most people, in both countries were so cautious on vegetable safety. However, the vegetables I’d had there were almost tasteless, in comparison to the tasteful Japanese vegetables I was use to.

 In Japan I have visited farmers one after another, from north to south and selected one in each area to be affiliate with. I’ve checked soils and talked with farmers. I also gained a certification of Anti-Aging Food Master.


 I want you to experience the real taste of vegetables not just the sweetness. Seasonal vegetables, especially distinctive in Japan, are more nutritious and have a deeper flavor. My company support the farmers who grow such delicious and healthy vegetables in Japan. Today I brought only the best and hope you enjoy them all.  Thank you.


Rie Kobayashi

President, Shokuiku Farmer’s Inc.