My name is Rie Kobayashi and I’m from the small city in Gifu known as Hida-Takayama.

 I’m the president of Shokuiku (Food Education) Farmer’s Inc.  We co-ordinate and supply vegetables directly from farmers to restaurants, cafes, groceries and food processing companies.

I was a child who liked to eat lots of vegetables. It was not long before I realized that many young girls are careless about their diet and nutrition. Some are even ruining their health through poor diet choices. What you eat is really important for your health and general wellbeing. I was convinced of this and following much thought about what good food is; I started my company in 2013 to supply fresh organic vegetables to as many people as possible. I’ve also deliver some lunch boxes using those vegetables to the girls too busy with work to care about their diet.

 What do you think good vegetables are? Safe: of course; nutritious and as delicious as possible?

 When I had been studying abroad in my high school days, I spent one year in Seattle and another in Christchurch in New Zealand. I was impressed that most people, in both countries were so cautious on vegetable safety. However, the vegetables I’d had there were almost tasteless, in comparison to the tasteful Japanese vegetables I was use to.

 In Japan I have visited farmers one after another, from north to south and selected one in each area to be affiliate with. I’ve checked soils and talked with farmers. I also gained a certification of Anti-Aging Food Master.


 I want you to experience the real taste of vegetables not just the sweetness. Seasonal vegetables, especially distinctive in Japan, are more nutritious and have a deeper flavor. My company support the farmers who grow such delicious and healthy vegetables in Japan.


Rie Kobayashi

President, Shokuiku Farmer’s Inc.

About our business

Our company does various activities in order to supply safe seasonal vegetables to as many people as possible, and share with them the rich taste of such vegetables. We promote a new style of Food Education and agriculture.    

Establishing a brand of agricultural products and processed food

We deliver organic, natural-cultivated vegetables.

From our visits to the farmers in Takayama, as well as affiliate-farms all over Japan, we saw how the vegetables were painstakingly grown and realized how proud the farmers were of their produce.  We co-ordinate and supply such vegetables directly from the farmers to restaurants, cafes, groceries and food processing companies. 

Box Lunch

We deliver our home-made box lunches with seasonal vegetables from contracted farmers to our customers. Furthermore, we can introduce new recipes to enhance the use of these vegetables and produce new processed food.


※ For more information, please refer to the Anti-Aging Food Master, Rie Kobayashi’s blogs.  (Only in Japanese)    

Food Education Business

We hope:

*children will enjoy safe and secure food

*young people can consume nutritious food without being on an unhealthy diet

*grandparents are confident they are eating good quality food

We believe ‘food’ is the key to our health and life itself.


We will provide opportunities for you to think about food and to learn its safety, link with health, and its background and culture.

It may not be easy to find the definite solution but we would like to walk alongside you through this journey.    

Cooking Classes and Various Seminars

President and food-coordinator, Rie Kobayashi, who is certified as an Advanced Anti-Aging Food Master, organizes seminars based on her own experiences and lectures by specialists in various fields.    

Nogyo-joshi Project

MAFF supports Nogyo-joshi Project

Our company is an official supporter of Nogyo-joshi Project

We do our business co-operating with Nogyo-joshi Project members in Japan.


This project aims to promote women farmers to match their wisdom gained in daily lives, business and time spent in nature with various companies’ technology and know-how, and produce new products, service and information.

Through this project, we aim to highlight women farmers by showing the extraordinary work and diverse activities they have done, and ultimately we hope we can be the platform to encourage more young women to choose agriculture as their career.

*Nogyo: agriculture/farming, joshi: female

*MAFF: Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries    

Company Profile

■Company Name

Shokuiku Farmer’s Inc.



Rie Kobayashi: Food coordinator, Advanced Anti-aging Food Master 

■Tokyo Office

Ikebukuro Park Bld. 1F, 2-49-7 Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (〒171-0022) 

TEL: +81-3-4530-9508 / FAX : +81-577-36-3456 / MOBILE:+81-90-5181-6844



■Scope of Business

Branding and sales of agricultural products and processed food

Food education for both children and grown-ups

Produce of cooking classes and various seminars


■Business Connections



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